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HK Audio Linear 5 Club Pack

Original price was: €4,600.Current price is: €3,450.

HK Audio Linear 5 Monitor Pack set of 3 monitors

Original price was: €3,000.Current price is: €2,550.
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HK Audio Linear 5 L5PACK-LTSA speaker set

Original price was: €12,300.Current price is: €9,990.

Want to provide music for an audience of 1000 people? Then HK Audio’s L5PACK-LTSA is the solution. It consists of four L Sub 4000 A active subwoofers and two twee active Linear 5 LTS A speakers. The subs are from HK Audio’s Linear 5 series and each have an 18-inch woofer that can generate bass tones as low as 31 Hz. Thanks to the 1200-watt amp, it can even reach sub-low frequencies. The long-throw speakers have a horn-loaded design with three 8-inch woofers and a 1-inch tweeter in a line-array configuration that will ensure your music is audible in a big club or outdoor venue. This set includes custom-made protective covers.

Speaker electronics
The Linear 5 LTS A has two amplifiers, one for the compression driver and one for the woofers; this is known as a bi-amp configuration. The result is an output capacity of 1000 watts and a maximum SPL of 140 dB. The speakers have Class-D amplifiers, which are known for their modest weight and great transient response. They’re driven by a DSP unit that can be used to adjust the audio to the space by means of EQs and other dynamic tools. To make your life even easier, there are presets for various situations, such as horizontal cluster, use with a subwoofer or use as a stand-alone device.

How low can you go?
The L Sub 4000 A subwoofer can be used in various configurations. It was primarily designed for two functions: to add sub-low in a smaller 4-way system or for use as a regular subwoofer in a larger system. Thanks to an 18-inch woofer, the L Sub 4000 A can produce low tones that sound outstanding in large venues or outdoor events. There’s a built-in crossover that is suitable for both mono and stereo signals

Professional speaker cabinets are always made of wood, and the Linear 5 range is no exception. The speakers are designed to be stacked, which makes them especially attractive to the rental circuit. Combine a durable subwoofer from the same series with these speakers and you’ll have a force to be reckoned with! Festivals, outdoor events and large venues are no problem for this powerhouse. At just 68 cm high, the speaker is easy to manage and the set comes complete with protective covers.

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Product features
Number of subwoofers 2
Number of speakers 2
Active or passive active
Speaker set including covers / cases
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)290.0 kg
Product specifications
2x HK Audio Linear 5 LTS A
active speaker
power capacity: 1000 W
woofers: 3x 8-inch, line-array configuration
driver: 1x 1 in, 1.7-inch voice coil
frequency range: 90 Hz – 20 kHz (-10 dB)
crossover frequency: 1.7 kHz
dispersion: 5 x 30°
amplifier: Class-D
audio input: XLR/jack combo
audio output: XLR 3-pin
DSP: 4x presets
max. SPL: 140 dB
cabinet: plywood
dimensions: 440 x 680 x 461 mm
weight: 24.7 kg
4x HK Audio Linear 5 L Sub 4000 A
active subwoofer
power capacity: 1200 W
woofer: 18 in
frequency range: 31 Hz – crossover
crossover: 70 – 100 Hz, 24 dB/octave
amplifier: Class-D
audio in: 2x XLR/jack combo
audio out: 4x 3-pin XLR (Line out, mid/high; Thru)
max. SPL: 137 dB
cabinet: plywood, band-pass
dimensions: 908 x 508 x 801 mm
weight: 59 kg
total output: 6.8 kWrms
total weight: 286.4 kg
included: 6x protective covers

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