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About us

At the beginning was a very simple idea...

…there stood a modest musical instrument shop nestled within a small city. With a humble inventory of around 10 to 15 instruments, it held the secret to remarkable discounts that would enchant any music enthusiast who crossed its threshold.

As the cityscape grew, so did the dreams of musicians. In the heart of a bustling metropolis, a larger music store emerged, showcasing an impressive array of 50 to 60 musical treasures. Here, the promise of a richer symphony awaited those who sought it.

With a staggering inventory of over 1000 different products now in stock, the online store had evolved far beyond its simple beginnings. It had become the virtual haven frequented by musicians seeking to acquire their instruments.

In this story of humble origins and remarkable growth, the online store had not only realized its founders’ vision but had also harmonized the desires of countless musicians, turning a modest idea into the ultimate online destination for all things musical.

Beyond the city limits, a wholesaler lurked in the shadows. A formidable presence in the realm of music, this entity occasionally unveiled breathtaking discounts on a grand scale. It was here that a treasure trove of musical instruments and equipment awaited, enticing buyers with the allure of unparalleled savings.

Fast forward a few years, and the landscape had transformed. Over 80  traders, dealing in musical instruments, had forged agreements with an emerging online store. Contracts were signed regularly, and the Pro Audio Market had become their trusted “online arm.”

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