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Allen & Heath ZED R16 FireWire recording mixer

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D&R Airence-USB broadcast mixer

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Audient ASP4816 mixing console

Original price was: €14,920.Current price is: €9,995.

The British brand Audient have managed to offer near perfection once again with their ASP4816 analogue mixing console. It features 16 channels, 16 Class-A preamps, a 4-band EQ, 40 faders, 48 inputs, 16 equalizer channels and 16 record buses; and that’s not all! It also boasts 6 aux inputs, 2 cue sends, a stereo bus compressor and a comprehensive monitor selection. If you want a mixer with the best options on the market, then the ASP4816 is the ideal choice.

Renowned Audient sound
Like any Audient product, the ASP4816 boasts the unmistakable audio characteristics this brand is famous for. It’s a top-notch piece of studio equipment that’s built with high-quality components. The brand have invested a lot of time in researching these components in an effort to create that typical Audient sound, which is now known to be transparent and neutral with plenty of room for your own creative input. Lastly, all the controls you need are located right in front of you, and because this device is so compact, all 16 channels are within easy reach.

Bring your creativity to life
As well as the 16 preamps, the ASP4816 has a comprehensive 4-band EQ for complete control of your mix. High and low frequencies are in perfect alignment with the bright mids. Audient’s renowned bus compressor is also on this panel, which is responsible for the coherency of your mix. With no fewer than 48 inputs, you can record with your DAW via the converters. There are plenty of inputs for ultimate flexibility and with the monitor selection, you can choose between the main mix, three external stereo sources, and four sets of monitor outputs. If you want an unforgettable analogue hands-on mixing experience with 40 long and short faders, functions like mix, pan, cut and solo, then it’s time to invest in the Audient ASP4816.



Product features
19 inches no
Number of auxiliaries> 8
Number of microphone inputs 13 – 16
Number of mono channels not applicable
Number of stereo channels 16
Number of submasters 3
Phantom power no
Headphone output yes
Built-in audio interface no
Built-in audio player no
Built-in effects no
Built-in mixer effects channel EQ, channel compression
Insert connector sno
Type of mixer inputs microphone input (XLR), balanced line input (TRS jack), Hi-Z input (TS jack)
Type of mixer studio / PA mixer
Type of mixer outputs balanced line output (XLR), balanced line output (TRS jack)
Volume control faders
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)35.0 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)109.0 x 99.5 x 35.5 cm
Product specifications
in-line architecture: 2x inputs on each channel
40x faders
pan, mix, solo, cut
48x inputs at mix
16x Audient Class-A microphone preamps
16x EQ channels
16x record buses
6x auxes, 2x cue sends
stereo bus compressor
comprehensive monitor section
frequency response
mic input to mix output: <+0, -0.3 dB 20 Hz – 20 kHz @ 6 – 40 dB gain
line input to mix output: <+0, -0.3 dB 20 Hz – 20 kHz @ 0 dB gain
THD and noise on +20dB output
mic XLR input to each output <0.005% @ 1 kHz
line input to each output <0.005% @ 1 kHz
tape input to each output < 0.003% @ 1 kHz
mic EIN (20 – 20 kHz, 150R source): <-127.5 dBu
bus noise (no input routed): <-93 dBu
bus noise (36 inputs routed): <-78 dBu
crosstalk and mute attenuation @ 1 kHz
short fader mute >90 dB
long fader mute >90 dB
mix assign >90 dB
bus assign >90 dB
mic CMRR 70 dB (min. gain)
75 dB (max. gain)

max. input
mic >+21 dBu (min. gain)
line +30 dBu (min. gain)
insert return >+21 dBu
max. output in 2 kOhms
mix output >+26 dBu
bus output >+26 dBu
aux output >+26 dBu
insert send >+20 dBu
monitor, studio, F/B outputs >+20 dBu
dimensions: 1090 x 995 x 355 mm

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