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Moog Subsequent 37 Paraphonic Analogue Synthesizer

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Roland FA-07 Music Workstation

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Novation Summit

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The Novation Summit is a synthesizer with a timbrality of two parts: 16 polyphonic voices and a keyboard. This flagship synth is loaded with three New Oxford oscillators per voice (subtractive, FM and wavetable synthesis) and there’s an analogue multi-mode with 12/24dB filter per voice with dual-mode. The specialised keyboard gives you 5 octaves and the 61 semi-weighted keys with polyphonic after-touch. Another salient detail is the built-in effects. Chorus, delay, distortion and reverb are available to blow your sound wide and thanks to the stereo connection and routing options as well as aux connections, you can easily hook this synth up to a live rig or home studio.

Higher Education from the Novation Summit and its New Oxford oscillators
The New Oxford oscillators are as smart as you would expect. Generated on the FPGA chip, you get the classic range of waveforms: saw, sine, triangle, block and pulse, enhanced by 43 wavetables. With the oscillators, FM can be used so that, while the unpredictable drift of analogue circuits is there, since they’re actually digitally generated, they are stable. The filter however is certainly analogue, with low-pass, band-pass and high-pass and any combination of these three in dual-mode. A great bonus is the included copy of Ableton Live Lite along with access to the Novation Sound Collective.

Intimidating Potential
The Novation Summit is a formidable tweak-box. With a control panel teeming with encoders and faders, the potential is almost intimidating. If you’re familiar with previous Novation offerings like the Supernova, then you may not be so afraid of scaling the mountain of options available with this synth. The three oscillators, FM-options, LFOs with slewing, multi-mode filters, effects per side and whatever else you want to throw in, are all pushed through an algorithm via the FPGA chip that adds all the unpredictability and colour of an entirely analogue synthesizer, resulting in nothing short of outstanding sound quality at the other end. This synth is definitely hardware, just a little softer.

Wavetable Editor
For the Summit, Novation has launched a brand new Wavetable Editor, which offers in-depth control over the wavetable oscillators. It works via Novation Components, which comes with drawing tools and a Live Edit mode, so that oscillator shapes can be drawn up by hand and viewed in real-time. Using the audio import function, you can even import your own audio files and use these as oscillator waveforms to get the most inspiring and creative results!

In Collaboration with Noisia
Within the Wavetable Editor, you’ll also find a selection of space sounds from NASA’s sound library, including waveforms of recordings of human space exploration as well as exclusive content from production giants, Noisia, and in the form of a preset package to help users on their way when it comes to wavetable exploration. The Wavetable Editor is free to use and can be accessed via the Novation Components platform when your Peak or Summit is connected to a computer via USB.



Product features
19-inch rack sizenot applicable
Number of keys 61
Computer integration none
Controlsustain (input), expression (input)
Synthesizer inputs line in
Sound source digital, FM
MIDI & CV/gate MIDI in, MIDI out, MIDI thru, MIDI over USB
Synthesizer outputs line out jack, headphone
Type of keys keyboard action
Synthesizer type keyboard
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)14.7 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)112.5 x 43.0 x 19.0 cm
Product specifications
Novation Summit
digital/analogue synthesizer
semi-weighted keyboard with polyphonic after-touch
polyphony: 16
timbrality: 2
sound generator:
3x oscillator “New Oxford Oscillator” (FPGA-chip)
waveforms: sine, triangle, saw, square/pulse, 43 wavetables
noise generator:
2x LFO per octave + 2x LFO global
analogue 12/24dB filter, LP, BP, HP, dual-mode
effects per part: distortion, chorus, delay, reverb
extensive modulation matrix
including Ableton Live Lite
including access to Novation Sound Collective
metal housing
wooden side panels (walnut)
USB cable
power cable
“Getting Started’ user manual
dimensions: 999 x 304 x 92 mm
weight: 11 kg
technical specifications:
synth engine:
16 note polyphonics (depending on the number of voices per note)
2-way timbrality
layered, split and dual bi-timbral mode
per voice
3 oscillators
1 noise generator with HP filter control
1 ring modulator
2 LFOs
1 amp envelope and 2 mod envelopes (ADHSR + looping)
1 filter
sine, tri, sawtooth, square / pulse
43 wavetables from 5 waveforms per row
1 state variable OTA filter per voice
12/24 dB slope
low-pass / band-pass / high-pass / dual filter
dual filter: LP > HP, LP > BP, HP > BP, LP + HP, LP + BP, HP + BP, LP + LP, BP + BP, and HP + HP
pre-filter overdrive
post-filter distortion
16 modulatie slots per patch
2 sources per destination per slot
mod sources:
direct (depth)
modulation wheel
after-touch (polyphonic and channel AT)
expression pedal 1
expression pedal 2
keyboard velocity
LFO1 positive
LFO1 bi-polar
LFO2 positive
LFO2 bi-polar
amp envelope
mod envelope 1
mod envelope 2
animate 1
animate 2
CV mod input bi-polar
bend up
bend down
mod destinations
oscillator 1-3 frequency, v-sync level, shape amount and level
noise source level
ring modulator output level
overall synth output level
filter drive, distortion, cut-off frequency and resonance
LFO 1 and 2 frequency
amp env / mod env 1 / mod env 2 attack, decay and release
FM Osc 1 -> osc 2, osc 2 -> osc 3, osc 3 -> osc 1 and noise -> osc 1
osc 3 -> filter cutoff frequency
noise -> filter cutoff frequency
analogue distortion
2 chorus types
delay with x16 delay sync, LP en HP damping, slew en stereo
3 types of reverb
FX mod matrix source
direct (depth)
mod wheel
expression pedal 1
expression/breath pedal 2
LFO 1 +/-
LFO 2 +/-
LFO 3 +/-
LFO 4 +/-
amp envelope
mod envelope 1 & 2
animate 1 & 2
CV +/-
bendwheel +/-
bend up
bend down
FX mod matrix destinations
distortion level
chorus level
chorus rate
chorus depth
chorus feedback
delay level
delay time
delay feedback
reverb level
reverb time
reverb low pass
reverb high pass
FM-controls on the control panel:
global LFO 3 & 4
arpeggiator with key latch – 33 patterns
patch storage – up to 512 on the hardware (comes with 256 factory patches)
glide control
all pots (m.u.v. volume), sliders send and receive MIDI cc commands for external control and mapping
microtuning with Scala table import and table tuning creation
manual mode
multi pot mod: relative pot pick-up, snap
hardware specificaties:
50 control pots
8 45 mm sliders
1 volume pot
1 data encoder pot
rubber caps with spun metal discs rubberen
55 function buttons
2 animate pots plus hold-pot
OLED display
Kensington lock
on/off switch
IEC-connection for power
USB-port (MIDI only, no bus power)
MIDI in/out/thru
2x 6.35 mm jack connector for continuous or switched pedals
1x 3.5 mm jack connector for CV-in
2x 6.35 mm jack connector for left/right outputs
2x 6.35 mm jack connector for left/right auxiliary outputs
2x 6.35 mm jack connector for left/right inputs
2x 6.35 mm jack connector for headphones
metal housing with American walnut sides
magnetic, metal inset end pieces

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