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HK Audio Linear 5 L Sub 4000 A Active Subwoofer

Original price was: €2,250.Current price is: €1,750.

JBL SRX828SP Active Subwoofer

Original price was: €2,200.Current price is: €1,650.
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JBL SRX818SP active subwoofer

Original price was: €1,480.Current price is: €980.

As the foundation of any mix, bass frequencies need proper representation. JBL knows this and developed the SRX818SP – a great subwoofer with an 18-inch woofer – accordingly. It has a peak power capacity of 1,000 watts. Inside, it features high-quality components made by renowned manufacturers. This sub is the perfect addition to the satellite speakers from JBL’s SRX800 series. Particularly in combination with the SRX812P, you will have a setup that provides an excellent sound.

The story of the JBL SRX818SP and the previously impenetrable depths of your sound
A proper subwoofer naturally needs a serious amplifier, which is why Crown was requested to provide a class-D amp for this active sub. This mastodon has no trouble moving the 18-inch woofer and drives it up to a sound pressure of 135 dB at +/-3 dB accuracy down to 29 Hz! This speaker has a wooden cabinet to ensure great quality, giving the sub the necessary tone for unrivalled bass sounds.

Every speaker of the SRX800 series features a HiQnet module that allows you to set up a full speaker system quickly and easily. You can connect the speakers via a LAN cable to a wireless router and subsequently use an Android or iOS device to set up all connected speakers. Via HiQnet, an EQ, a compressor, a crossover, a limiter and a delay are at your disposal. Moreover, HiQnet can also adjust the settings automatically based on pre-set settings. You no longer need a speaker management system!



Product features
Speaker connections XLR input, XLR / TRS combi input, digital input, Network
Woofer diameter 18 inches
Weight per speaker 39 kg
Maximum SPL 130 dB – 139 dB
Maximum subwoofer frequency 150 Hz
Minimum frequency 25 – 29 Hz
RMS power in watts 500 – 749 W
Locking speaker connectors no
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)46.8 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)68.4 x 68.3 x 57.5 cm
Product specifications
active subwoofer
power: 500W RMS, 1,000W peak
frequency range (-10 dB): 29 – 150 Hz
frequency range (-3 dB): 35 – 120 Hz
amplifier: class D
maximum sound pressure: 135 dB
woofer: 18 in
2x XLR/jack in
2x XLR out
1x LAN connector
DSP: built-in, HiQnet
housing: wood
handles: 2
dimensions: 575 x 684 x 683 mm
weight: 39.5 kg

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