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Genelec 8341AP SAM Active Studio Monitor (single)

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Genelec 8351BM Active Studio Monitor (Single Unit, Black)

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Genelec 8350A Active Studio Monitor (per unit)

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A studio monitor is a crucial investment for any studio. You need to hear exactly what you’re doing for the best possible result, after all. And the more you hear, the better. Of course, it’s vital to hear those low frequencies, and with a response of 33 Hz to 22 kHz (-6 dB) / 38 Hz to 20 kHz (+/- 1 dB), the Genelec 8350A active studio monitor(8 + 1-inch) delivers. With a maximum SPL of 112 dB, you can be sure to hear every delicate detail to every dynamic upsurge in your project.

Features of the Genelec 8350A
In the future, more and more studio monitors will be able to analyse the acoustics of your space and adjust the audio reproduction. Genelec has already made that possible thanks to SAM technology, which we’ll go into in more detail below. Other measures taken by Genelec to offer optimal audio reproduction are the inclusion of an Iso-Pod™ stand and technology like DCW (Directivity Control Waveguide) and MDE (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure). Together, these ensure that the audio produced is as neutral as possible.

Play it again, SAM!
SAM is Genelec’s specially calibrated technology, and stands for Smart Active Monitor. Since, not every studio space shares the same acoustic characteristics, you can use your computer and network connection (RJ45) to make any tonal adjustments to your monitor. With SAM, you can alter the 8350A’s audio image and if your client is used to a certain sound, you can use SAM to adjust the audio image to meet their exacting requirements.



Product features
Speaker connections XLR input, Network (available separately)
Active or passive active
Category Studio & Recording
Tweeter diameter 1 inch
Woofer diameter 8 inches
Maximum frequency 22 – 22.9 kHz
Minimum frequency 30 – 34 Hz
Monitor set single speaker
RMS power in watts 350 – 499 W
Type of studio monitor 2-way (tweeter + woofer)
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)0 gr
Product specifications
Genelec 8350A
active studio monitor
target group: (project) studios, mixing, mastering
neutral sound character
SPL: 112 dB
frequency response: 33 Hz – 22 kHz (-6 dB), 38 Hz – 20 kHz (+/- 1 dB)
speakers: 8″ woofer + 1″ tweeter
amplification: 200 W + 150 W (Class D)
connectors: XLR, RJ45, XLR AES/EBU
SAM technology: tonal calibration via network
including Iso-Pod™ stand
for mounting on the wall with a bracket
dimensions: 452 x 286 x 278 mm
weight: 12.8 kg
colour: anthracite

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