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Eve Audio SC3070 Active Studio Monitor (Set of 2)

Original price was: €3,200.Current price is: €2,450.

Eve Audio SC3070 Right Active Studio Monitor (Single Unit)

Original price was: €1,600.Current price is: €1,100.
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Eve Audio SC3070 Left Active Studio Monitor (Single Unit)

Original price was: €1,650.Current price is: €1,150.

The Eve Audio SC3070 is a stunning three-way studio monitor that’s perfect for any project studio. While there are plenty of large two-way models on the market with a similar frequency response, this three-way unit has the added benefit of a mid-woofer to give you super-accurate mids for the vocals and a seamless transition between the woofer and tweeter. Inside the SC3070, you’ll find a 7-inch woofer that isn’t afraid to dive down into the lows and can handle pretty much any genre. The mid-woofer on the other hand measures 4 inches in size and packs masses of vocal clarity, while tight, immaculately clear highs are reproduced by an AMT tweeter. While other studio monitors might get their signals crossed once in a while, this Eve Audio model is equipped with a DSP chip for subtle sonic adjustments. Of course, you will need two of these: one Left and one Right version. Once set up and plugged in, these gorgeous, ultra-transparent midfield monitors will dutifully guide you through any big project.



Product features
Speaker connections RCA input, XLR input
Active or passive active
Tweeter diameterribbon
Woofer diameter 7 inches
Maximum frequency not specified
Minimum frequency not specified
Monitor set single speaker
RMS power in watts 200 – 349 W
Type of studio monitor 3-way (tweeter + midrange + woofer)
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)12.5 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)47.5 x 42.5 x 37.0 cm
Product specifications
Eve Audio SC3070
active studio monitor
7-inch woofer
4-inch mid
AMT tweeter
amplification: 1x 50W (AMT), 2x 100W (mid and woofer)
high-quality 24-bit / 192 kHz Burr-Brown A/D converter
DSP Processing
volume control
dimensions: 340 x 250 x 310 mm
weight: 10 kg

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