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Bose F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeakers (2x)

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dB Technologies DVX D15 HP active speaker

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Bose F1 Stereo Speaker System with F1 Subwoofers

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The Bose F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker
Bose is widely known for coming up with innovative gear, and both their consumer-grade and professional audio equipment includes countless ingenious designs. With the F1 Model 812, Bose hark back to their popular 802-speakers – the difference being that this all-new F1 model allows you to select a different coverage pattern depending on your needs. The F1 Model 812 features a stack of eight mid/high drivers mounted on a flexible wave-guide, where the top and bottom three can be adjusted to get a different projection angle. Together, all eight drivers operate as a line-array, ensuring that less power is needed to fill larger rooms with sound.

DSP-Driven Line-Array Speakers
Compared to standard speakers, line-array speakers offer significantly less volume when projecting audio across longer distances. Since in the case of the F1 Model 812 you also get to tweak the projection angle, this speaker is remarkably efficient. The eight drivers are accompanied by a single 12″ woofer, which has been tucked away behind the line-array of drivers and comes backed up by an intelligent DSP-engine for optimal sound and effortless curve adjustments.

The Bose F1 Subwoofer
The ground-shaking bass produced by this Bose F1 system is taken care of by two F1 Series subwoofers. Each sub comes equipped with two 10″ woofers and is driven by a forceful 500W amplifier for a total power output of no less than 1,000W. All of this high-quality, Bose-grade brute force results in a sound pressure level of 132dB and spreads out across a 38 to 115 Hz frequency range. It

On-Board Cross-Over
As pro-grade bass bins befit, the F1 Subs feature a built-in cross-over and have each been outfitted with two XLR-jack combo inputs that can be linked up to two thru outputs – either with the cross-over switched on or off. To counter phase issues, it’s also possible to reverse the polarity of the subs, while an integrated limiter ensures the units don’t overload. Lastly, the design of the F1 Subwoofers include a distance rod so that the F1 Model 812 speakers can be mounted on top for optimal projection.



Bose F1 Model 812 Flexible Active Array Speaker 2x Bose F1 Model 812 Flexible Active Array Speaker
The F1 Model 812 is a special active speaker from Bose equipped with 8 drivers and four different vertical coverage patterns that can be adjusted to suit your environment.
Product features
Bluetooth no
Category Sound & PA
Tweeter diameter 8x 2.25 inches
Woofer diameter 12 inches
Suitable as monitor no
Weight per speaker 20 kg
Built-in equaliser no
Maximum SPL 130 dB – 139 dB
Maximum frequency 16 – 16.9 kHz
Minimum frequency 40 – 49 Hz
RMS power in watts 750 – 1,499 W
Analogue audio input typeunbalanced line in (RCA/cinch), balanced line in (TRS jack), microphone input (XLR), Hi-Z instrument input (TS jack)
Analogue audio output type balanced mix out (XLR)
Passive speaker output no
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)23.8 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)81.1 x 50.3 x 46.8 cm
Product specifications
active speaker
power capacity: 1000 Watts
driver: 8x 2.25-inch driver in a flexible line configuration
woofer: 12 inches
maximum sound pressure: 132 dB SPL
frequency response: 48 Hz – 16 kHz
housing: plastic
channels: 2
XLR/jack combo
TRS jack
outputs: XLR 3-pin
limiter: switch
dimensions: 665 x 334 x 373 mm
weight: 20.18 kg

Bose F1 Subwoofer Active 2x Bose F1 Subwoofer Active

The Bose F1 subwoofer will take care of the lows in your F1 setup. It’s equipped with two 10-inch woofers driven by a 500 watt amp for 1000 watts of power! It even has a speaker stand built right in.
Product features
Speaker connectionsXLR / TRS combi input
CategorySound & PA
Woofer diameter2 x 10 inches
Weight per speaker24 kg
Maximum SPL130 dB – 139 dB
Maximum subwoofer frequency110 Hz
Minimum frequency30 – 34 Hz
RMS power in watts750 – 1,499 W
Locking speaker connectorsno
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)32.4 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)83.0 x 59.6 x 54.6 cm
Product specifications
active subwoofer
power capacity: 1000 Watts
woofer: 2x 10-inch
maximum sound pressure: 132 dB SPL
frequency range: 38 – 115 Hz
housing: plastic
channels: 2
inputs: XLR/jack combo
outputs: XLR 3-pin
crossover: switchable
safety: limiter, thermal
built-in stand
dimensions: 688 x 410 x 449 mm
weight: 24.9 kg

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