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Sequential PRO 3 Synthesizer

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Sequential Prophet 6 Analogue Synthesizer

Original price was: €2,700.Current price is: €1,990.
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Sequential Prophet 6 (module) Sequential Prophet 6 desktop module

Original price was: €2,200.Current price is: €1,100.

This Prophet 6 module is nearly identical to the analogue synthesizer released previously, but without the actual keyboard. Other than that, its analogue signal path is identical, as well as most other features. The big difference is that Dave Smith designed this P6 module specifically for tabletop use, as is apparent from its rather compact dimensions. All that’s missing from this version compared to the keyboard version, are the typical keyboard controls such as pitch bend and modulation wheels, and a transpose feature.

Practical and intuitive interface
Dave Smith feels that the user interface is an important part of the synth’s look and feel, and they’ve done everything in their power to perfect it. For instance, it has full-sized controls, and everything is laid out in such a way that it should feel at once familiar, practical and intuitive. All the various parameters are under your fingertips at all times. What’s more, it features the same analogue signal path with discreet VCOs and VCFs as the keyboard version, as well as the same high-quality digital effects. Of course, you’ll also find the MIDI in, out and thru connectors that bridge the gap between vintage and modern. Finally, DSI decided to add a poly chain feature, allowing you to link two Prophets together to bump the overall polyphony up from 6 voices, to 12 voices!

The story of Dave Smith, Sequential, Yamaha and Roland
Finally, after its last appearance in 1987, Sequential Circuits is back, this time without ‘Circuits’. Decades ago, while under Dave Smith’s leadership, this brand set the tone; the old Prophet S5 released in 1978 was one of the very first polyphonic synthesizers with patch memory. Later, Dave went on to produce contemporary analogue synthesizers under his own name, Dave Smith Instruments, and still does. Recently, Yamaha – who owned the old Sequential Circuits brand name since 1987 – gave the name back to Dave Smith on recommendation by Roland’s CEO. You don’t see this kind of generosity very often in the fiercely competitive music industry, and the Prophet 6 is the tangible result of this happy incident.


Tips or comments about this product
Since 2021, this product also supports MPE, or MIDI Polyphonic Expression: one of the most essential recent MIDI developments. If you want to upgrade the operating system of this product with this new function, see:


Product features
19-inch rack size not applicable
Number of keys none
Arpeggiator/sequencerarpeggiator, sequencer
Computer integration none
Controlsustain (input), expression (input), switch pedal (input), aftertouch
Synthesizer inputs none
Sound sourceanalogue
MIDI & CV/gate MIDI in, MIDI out, MIDI thru, MIDI over USB
Synthesizer outputs line out jack, headphone
Type of keys not applicable
Synthesizer type desktop module
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)22.4 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)65.0 x 32.0 x 23.0 cm
Product specifications
DSI Sequential Prophet 6 Desktop Module analogue synthesizer
polyphony: 6 voices
gorgeous retro look
authentic warm sound
oscillators: 2 per voice + sub octave + white noise
wave shapes: triangle, saw, square, pulse (+ width)
hard sync
drift, conscious frequency bank system
high-pass filter
low-pass filter, based on the Prophet 5 filter
filter envelope (ADSR)
amp envelope (ADSR)
LFO: triangle, saw, reverse saw, square, random (S&H)
sequencer (64 step)
analogue distortion
effects: reverb, delay, chorus, phase shifter (24-bit, 48 kHz)
analogue stereo distortion
unisono mode
preset memory: 500 factory, 500 user
wooden side panels: walnut
colour: black/natural
outputs: 2x 1/4″ jack
headphone connector: 1/4″ (6.3mm) jack
MIDI in, out, thru
input expression pedal for low-pass filter
input expression pedal for volume
sustain pedal
foot switch for sequencer start/stop

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