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RCF M 20X digital mixer

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Allen & Heath DT164-W

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Roland M-200i V-mixer digital mixer

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Roland’s elaborate M-200i digital mixer enables you to adjust parameters using an optional iPad, which can also be placed in the practical compartment provided. The iPad can be connected to your M-200i mixer via a simple cable, creating a sizeable touch screen.

Characteristics of the M-200i mixer
The M-200i is not only easy to use, but allows you to quickly adjust parameters during live performances. This is partly due to the special touch-and-turn technology: select a parameter on the iPad and then adjust it with a physical controller for optimal fine-tuning. Remarkably, the console itself has quite a compact size. As the mixer has a digital setup, a lot of space can be saved and much can be achieved by layering. Auxiliaries, for instance, are accessible in a separate layer. After all, 90% of a monitor mix is usually made during the soundcheck and only small adjustments are required during a live performance. The mixer offers space for 32 channels, with 16 physical, compact channel strips. Processes like compression, applying effects, equalizing and processing all take place when you select one or more channels and adjust the parameters via your iPad. The mixer is equipped with 24 analogue inputs and 14 analogue outputs. If that is not enough, more can be created by using the REAC port and a Roland digital snake, which can be tucked away next to the stage. This requires fewer cables, increasing reliability and limiting interference. The REAC port can also be used to digitally divide the incoming tracks, enabling artists to create their own monitor mixes using personal mixers.

Wireless and wired iPad control
Making a remote monitor mix is a complicated task, especially if you only have floor monitors to work with. The Roland M-200i enables you to control the parameters wirelessly using an iPad, so you can create a monitor mix per auxiliary from the stage. Two iPads can be used simultaneously: one wired to the mixer, one wirelessly. The mixer is fitted with a stable tablet holder that is suitable for any generation and type of iPad.

More functionality for studio and other applications
The M-200i is perfect for live use but can also be used for other purposes. Record your final mix onto a USB stick, or use the mixer to play the files that are already on it. It’s also possible to set up a USB data connection with your PC or Mac, in order to facilitate remote control and to exchange tracks with your DAW.

Tips or comments about this product
Please note:
USB stick support can only be guaranteed for Roland products.
Supplied without a lightning adapter.



Product features
19 inches 19-inch rack mount (not included)
Number of analogue input channels 17 – 24
Number of analogue output channels 9 – 16
Number of channels 17-32
Number of microphone inputs 13 – 16
Digital inputs REAC
Digital snake yes, available separately
Digital outputs AES/EBU (AES3), REAC
Dynamics compressor, gate
Equalizer 4-band parametric, Master EQ
Input connector jack (6.3 mm), RCA, XLR
Built-in audio interface USB (multi track)
Built-in audio player USB
Built-in effects yes
Insert connectors no
Input level meters LED VU meter
Remote control via iPad
Connector position back
Type of display LCD, monochrome
Expansion possibilitiesdi gitale snake
Output connector jack (6.3 mm), XLR (3-pin)
Mixer powera dapter
Volume control motorised faders, via iPad / iPhone / iPod
Power adapter ungrounded flat Europlug
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)10.0 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)59.5 x 59.0 x 29.5 cm
Product specifications
Digital mixer with iPad option (either wired or wireless)
Touch-and-turn system, select a parameter on the iPad and adjust it with a physical controller
24 analogue inputs
14 analogue outputs
The number of inputs and outputs can be increased by means of optional REAC digital snakeheads
17 motorised faders
Compact channel strip per fader with Select, Solo and Mute functions
Equipped with various layers, for instance for channel 0-16, 17-32 and volume controls for auxiliaries, matrixes and DCAs
Various user presets can be accessed directly
Graphic displays show essential parameters
Practical navigation function with arrow keys and a central endless value knob
Edit, Gate, Compressor, EQ and Send per channel directly accessible
32 channels
Buses: Main L/R, 8 auxiliaries, 4 matrixes
24 inputs (max. 64 with REAC devices)
14 outputs (max. 54 with REAC devices)
AD/DA conversion: 24-bit
Sample rate: 48 or 44.1 kHz
Console latency: 2.0 ms (from console input to console output, 48kHz sample rate, no insert effects)
Network latency: 2.5 ms (from S-1608 snake input to outputs via M-200i REAC port, 48kHz sample rate, no insert effects)
Inputs 1-16: XLR 3-pin, balanced, phantom power
Inputs 17-32: 6.35mm TRS balanced
Inputs 23-24: unbalanced RCA stereo
Assignable outputs 1-6: XLR 3-pin, balanced
Assignable outputs 7-10: 6.35mm TRS balanced
Main outputs: XLR 3-pin, balanced
Headphone connector: 6.35mm TRS jack, 3.5mm TRS jack
Headphone volume located at the front
AES/EBU outputs: optical
REAC port: RJ-45 EtherCon
RS-232C connector: 9-pin D-sub
USB memory storage: USB A
USB WLAN adapter: USB A
USB computer port: USB B
LAN port: RJ45
DOC cable port: 10-pin mini DIN
DOC cable port: 10-pin mini DIN DC IN jack
Display: backlit 132 x 64 dots
Power consumption: 3.6 A
Operating temperature: -5 to +40 degrees Celsius
Included accessories: dock cable, tablet stand, AC adapter, power cable and manual
Dimensions: 491 x 490 x 198 mm
Weight: 9.8 kg

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