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Moog Matriarch + SR Case Synthesizer

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Moog Matriarch Dark + SR Case Synthesizer

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Moog Matriarch analogue synthesizer

Original price was: €1,950.Current price is: €1,450.

The Moog Matriarch is an impressive analogue synthesizer. It may come across as rather modular at first glance and that’s actually not far from the truth. This bad boy is semi-modular, which means several of its modules are fixed. Don’t sweat it, though, you can patch away to your heart’s desire. Luckily the modules featured on the Matriarch are quite practical so you can produce all sorts of known and lesser known sounds with it. This machine sounds superbly and thanks to stereo delay, exceptionally spacey too.

The Moog Matriarch Sound
You’ll have access to four analogue oscillators, including standard waveforms such as sawtooth, triangle, square and pulse. The Matriatch features hard-sync for scream-like effects or subtle timbre adjustments. Modulation possibilities, envelopes, and, of course, an extensive filter are also included. Its semi-modular nature allows for a multitude of patch connectors, both on the control panel and on the back of this beast. The single most beneficial thing about modularity is the fact you can control each and every signal’s flow. What’s more, you could switch around a couple cables and turn this Moog into a different synth every time you turn it on!

Paraphony for chords
This synth is paraphonic, meaning you can simultaneously produce 1, 2 or even 4 tones. In turn, four oscillators playing the same tones allow you to fiddle with individual frequencies to create a wonderfully warm sound. Each oscillator in this synth however can also be set to produce four voices. The built-in arpeggiator/sequencer can be turned outwards in terms of clock in order to support other gear. With connectors for sustain, expression, line-input, headphones, MIDI and USB, this is one of the most complete synthesizers on the market and is sure to keep you busy for quite a while.



Product features
19-inch rack size not applicable
Number of keys 49
Arpeggiator/sequencerarpeggiator, sequencer
Computer integration none
Control sustain (input), expression (input)
Synthesizer inputs line in
Sound sourcean alogue
MIDI & CV/gate MIDI in, MIDI out, MIDI thru, MIDI over USB, CV/gate in, CV/gate out, clock in/out
Synthesizer outputs line out jack, headphone
Type of keys keyboard action
Synthesizer type keyboard
Power adapter ungrounded flat Europlug
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)13.7 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)93.5 x 44.0 x 21.5 cm
Product specifications
Moog Matriarch
semi-modular analogue synthesizer
keyboard: touch-responsive with aftertouch
polyphony: 4 (monophone, 2-note paraphonic, 4-note paraphonic)
sound generator:
4x analogue oscillators with sawtooth, triangle, square, pulse, hard-sync (osc 2, 3 and 4)
white noise generator
filters: 24dB LPF, 24dB LPF/HPF
2x ADSR-envelope
modulation + LFO
2x VCA
stereo analogue delay-effect
arpeggiator / step-sequencer
including patch cables
dimensions: 813 x 362 x 140 mm
weight: 10.89 kg

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