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Hohner Nova III 96 Red, C-Griff

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Roland FR-1X RD V-Accordion piano-type red

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Roland FR-1X BK V-Accordion with Piano Keyboard (Black)

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The Roland FR-1X BK (black) V-Accordion is Roland’s smallest digital accordion with a piano keyboard. You play it just like you’d play an acoustic accordion of this size, but the sound is generated digitally and reproduced via built-in speakers, a set of headphones, a PA or amp. In the latter case, you simply connect the FR-1X to the inputs of the sound system using one (mono sound) or two 6.3mm jack cables (trebles left and bass right).

FR-1X BK: Sounds, Storage and Power
The Roland FR-1X BK offers you a choice of various accordion sets with a large number of registers, as well as instruments such as piano, organ, strings and guitar. Your playing can be recorded to a USB stick as an audio file and you can also use the V-Accordion to send MIDI data to your computer. The FR-1X BK can be mains powered with the included adapter or with 8 AA batteries.



Product features
Bass notes 72
Type of accordion electronic
Type of accordion key spiano keys
Power adapterungrounded flat Europlug
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)10.1 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)58.0 x 52.0 x 36.0 cm
Product specifications
digital accordion
smallest model from Roland’s V-Accordion series
realistic sound due to physical modelling technology
built-in stereo speaker system
colour: black
sounds and effects: see below
right hand: 26 keys, velocity-sensitive
left hand: 72 bass buttons, velocity-sensitive
high-resolution pressure sensor: pneumatic detection of pressure in bellows
bellows resistance can be adjusted
treble reed footages: 7
bass reed footages: 5
chord reed footages: 3
free bass footages: 2
pre-programmed musette tunings: 16 (Off, Dry, Classic, F-Folk, American L/H, North Europe, German L/H, DFolk L/H, Alpine, Italian L/H, French, Scottish)
effects: Reverb (8x), Chorus (8x), Rotary (Slow/Fast) for organ sounds
controls: Volume, 4x Treble/Orchestra/Organ register, SET register, Drum On/Off, Orchestra On/Off, Organ On/Off, Free Bass On/Off, Orchestra Bass On/Off, Orchestra Chord/Free Bass On/Off, User Programs On/Off, Wave/MP3 player: Reset/Stop, Play/Pause, Power, Play/Pause, Power
bass and chord modes: 2 Bs Rows, 3 Bs Rows A-7th, 3 Bs Rows A-5dim, 3 Bs Rows B-7th, .3 Bs Rows B-5dim, 3 Bs Rows Bx-7th, 3 Bs Rows Belgium
free bass modes: Minor 3rd (37 notes Eb – Eb), Bajan (37 notes D – D), Fifth (36 notes C – C), North Europe (37 notes D – C#) , Finnish (37 notes D – D)
orchestra/organ modes: Solo, Dual
User Program memories: 8
LED display: 3x 7 segments
output power: 2x 7 W RMS
speakers: 2x 9 cm
power supply: AC adapter or 8 AA batteries
battery life: approx. 5 hours (approx. 8 hours when the speaker system is turned off)
master output L/mono (treble), R/mono (bass): 6.35mm jack
headphone output: 6.35mm stereo jack
USB B port (computer, MIDI)
USB A port (data storage, audio player)
MIDI out: DIN-5
dimensions: 405 x 365 x 195 mm
weight (batteries not included): 6.5 kg
accordion sets: 16 (including 4x user)
Each accordion set is equipped with:
14 Treble registers
7 Bass registers
7 Free Bass registers
7 Orchestra Bass registers
7 Orchestra Chord registers
7 Orchestra Free Bass registers
Included accessories:
AC adapter
reference caps for the bass buttons
carrying straps
strip for securing the adapter, MIDI and/or audio cables

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