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Eve Audio SC3010 Active DJ & Studio Monitor with DSP (Single Unit)

Original price was: €3,350.Current price is: €2,650.

Eve Audio SC3070 Active Studio Monitor (Set of 2)

Original price was: €3,200.Current price is: €2,450.
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Eve Audio SC3012 active DJ & studio monitor with DSP (per unit)

Original price was: €3,100.Current price is: €2,350.

The Eve Audio SC3012 is a high-quality 3-way monitor with a 12-inch SilverCone woofer, a 5-inch Rohacel mid-speaker, a sandwich diaphragm and an Air Motion Transformer RS6 compression tweeter. It’s a tri-amped monitor with a full, natural, detailed, balanced sound that’s particularly suitable for larger recording, mastering or post-productions studios. You can also integrate it into your home cinema sound system in an in-wall installation. Adjust your sound to perfection via the on-board DSP processor and various adjustment options.

SC3012: detailed audio
The Eve Audio SC3012 is equipped with a 12-inch woofer met with a silver cone. This rigid construction results in a remarkably strong layer than an go as low as 25 Hz. The specially-developed midrange woofer for the SC3010 and SC3012 has a diameter of 5 inches and a Rohacel sandwich diaphragm. Together with the RS6 Air Motion Transformer tweeter, the monitor delivers a natural sound and a high sound pressure level, making it suitable for mid and far-field applications.

Optimal sound
As already mentioned , the SC3012 is suitable for in-wall installations and can be positioned vertically or horizontally. When positioned horizontally, the section that houses the midrange speaker and the tweeter should be rotated by 90 degrees so that they are still the right way up. The settings of the monitor can be accurately adjusted according to where it’s positioned using the powerful on-board DSP for optimal sound in any situation.



Product features
Speaker connections RCA input, XLR input
Active or passive active
Tweeter diameterribbon
Woofer diameter 1 x 10 inches + 1 x 5 inches
Maximum frequency 21 – 21.9 kHz
Minimum frequency 25 – 29 Hz
Monitor set single speaker
RMS power in watts 750 – 1,499 W
Type of studio monitor 3-way (tweeter + midrange + woofer)
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)47.0 kg
Product specifications
3-way active studio monitor
suitable for medium to large studios
can be used in vertical or horizontal position
high-quality DSP with one-button control
A/D converter by Burr-Brown
frequency range: (-3 dB): 25 Hz – 21 kHz
tweeter: AMT RS6
midrange speaker: 5 in
woofer: 12 in
cross-over frequencies: 220 Hz / 1800Hz
maximum SPL: 118 dB
number of amplifiers: 3
power capacity: 1000 W
tweeter output power: 250 W
mid-driver output power: 250 W
woofer output power: 800 W
built-in limiter (-6 dB)
high-shelf filter (-5 dB to +3 dB): > 3 kHz
desk filter boost (0 dB to +3 dB): 80 Hz
desk filter cut (-5 dB to 0 dB): 160 Hz
low-shelf filter (-5dB to +3 dB): < 300 Hz
connectors: XLR (balanced) / RCA (unbalanced)
standby power consumption: < 1 W
maximum power consumption: 1000 VA
dimensions: 435 x 650 x 490 mm
weight: 44 kg

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