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Bogner Amplification Goldfinger 54 Phi Amplification Goldfinger 54 Phi guitar amplifier combo

Original price was: €2,950.Current price is: €2,390.

EVH 5150III 50W 6L6 212 Combo Black tube guitar amp combo

Original price was: €1,600.Current price is: €895.
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Bogner Goldfinger 45 Combo Guitar Amplifier

Original price was: €3,100.Current price is: €2,490.

The Bogner Goldfinger 45 Combo combines all of the overload sounds and functionality of the Goldfinger 45 Head with the supreme quality of the mid-range-rich Celestian Vintage 30 cab. This is a definitive all-tube, 45 Watt combo amp for the guitarist seeking the sumptuous warmth and round, purity of 6V6 tubes. This amp can help tweak and shape sound in minute detail and offers two foot-switchable channels, colour and tone pots, a post-FX and unique pre-FX, analogue reverb and the option of dialing back the power to 9 Watts. The included footswitch not only flips channels but can toggle the reverb, post FX and switch the boost/pre-FX on and off per channel.

Goldfinger 45 Combo: Two Channel and a Double FX-Loop
Bogna have respectively and grandly named channels 1 and 2, Alpha and Omega. Alpha keeps the tone pure and clean while Omega drives the tubes and roughens your sound up. Both channels of the Goldfinger 45 Combo can be brought to flavour using the dedicated bass, mid, treble, loudness and gain controls. Besides this are a number of switches including a 80/Loud 69 switch that flips from an 80s rock to an even more classic 60s/70s rock sound. Unique to this combo is the double send/returns. The post-FX is a standard effects loop while the pre-FX replaces your pedals back between your guitar and the amp input. As such, you can remove the effects from the signal path completely and get an unobstructed sound from guitar to amp.



Product features
ConnectorsExternal speaker(s), Footswitch
Number of channels 2
Number of speakers 1
Amp modelling no
Effects loop yes
Weight 25 – 29.9 kg
Built-in tuner no
Built-in effects reveb (analogue)
Colour black
Speaker diameter 12 inches
Power attenuator yes
Type of power amp tube 6V6
Amplifier type tube
Power in Watts 31 – 50 Watts
Can be powered by battery no
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)32.4 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)80.0 x 64.0 x 39.0 cm
Product specifications
guitar amplifier combo
speaker: Celestion Vintage 30, 12 inch
2 channels
power output: 45 W
preamp tubes: 5x 12AX7
power amp tubes: 4x 6V6
adjustable power: 9 – 45 W (4 steps)
spring reverb (footswitchable), with volume-control
channel switch
channel 1: bass, mid, treble, loudness, gain, post-bright, pre-bright
channel 2: bass, mid, treble, loudness, gain, gain EQ, 80/69
master volume
input: jack
speaker (3x): 6.3 mm jack, dual (4 en 8 Ohm), single (16 Ohm)
effects-loop (pre fx): 2x 6.3 mm jack (send/return), pre fx boost (front)
effects-loop (post fx):
2x 6.3 mm jack (send/return)
+4 dB/-20 dB
loop gain-control
tube buffered
volume (front)
footswitch included (channel 1/2, chan. 1 boost/pre-fx, chan. 2 boost/pre-fx, reverb, post-fx)
dimensions: 495 x 648 x 273 mm
weight: 29.9 kg

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