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Sequential Prophet-5 Synthesizer

Original price was: €3,400.Current price is: €2,700.

Sequential Prophet-10 Synthesizer

Original price was: €4,200.Current price is: €3,200.
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Sequential Prophet-10 Desktop Synthesizer

Original price was: €3,000.Current price is: €2,200.

There are more than enough synth-based treasure hunters seeking out those more legendary synths of the dusty past, steadily pushing the prices up to a near astronomical levels. As such, those legendary synths have only got double or even triple-legendary, and one such triple-legend is the original Sequential Circuits Prophet 10. Essentially two Prophet 5s rammed into one box, the P10 came with a lot of functional quirks including the demand for a double keyboard. But its monstrous, hulking form had its own particular charm. Recently, we’ve been treated to reissues of both the Prophet 5 and 10, with the 10 offering double the polyphony, and now, for sound designers already kitted out with a perfectly solid MIDI keyboard, comes the desktop version of the Prophet 10. Behold!

The Sequential Prophet 10 Desktop
Even the original P10 was a synthesizer that anyone could actually understand. With a comfortably accessible subtractive model at the core, you could easily get to grips with it within the space of an evening. You get two CEM-CVOS fed and filled by a noise generator, and sync can be added between each VCO to shape a further sonic dimension. The result is then sent through the mixer, and then on through the filter, where the character of any of the earlier revisions of the Prophet can be selected. In terms of aesthetics, the P10 looks every bit like the P5, but with the added difference of that doubled polyphonic range, giving you ten voices to play with, just in case you find that five is not enough. Where the original P10 was seen as a kind of utopia of synthesis, in a slightly more manageable way, the P10 Desktop certainly holds up those optimistic, and ever potent ideals.



Product features
19-inch rack size not applicable
Number of keys none
Arpeggiator/sequencer none
Computer integration none
Control after touch
Synthesizer inputs none
Sound sourceanalogue
MIDI & CV/gate MIDI in, MIDI out, MIDI thru, MIDI over USB, CV/gate in, CV/gate out
Synthesizer outputs line out jack, headphone
Type of keys not applicable
Synthesizer type desktop module
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)5.2 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)65.0 x 30.5 x 22.5 cm
Product specifications
Sequential Prophet-10 Desktop
polyphony: 10
newly revised version of the vintage Prophet 10
2x OSC
1x noise
1x mixer
1x filter + ADSR
2x LFO
1x mod-routing
choice of authentic previous versions
200 user sounds
200 factory sounds, including 40 presets from the original Prophet-5
vintage control pot for random fluctuations
dimensions: 527 x 188 x 76mm
weight: 4.5kg

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