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Radial JD7 Active 7-Channel Guitar Splitter

Original price was: €1,480.Current price is: €995.

Radial SW8 switcher and interface for backup

Original price was: €1,490.Current price is: €1,090.
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Radial JX44 Active Guitar Signal Manager

Original price was: €1,985.Current price is: €1,390.

Command a small battalion of amps and guitars with the help of the Radial JX44. Able to take four guitars and six amplifiers at once, this neat and flexible unit has been built to manage multiple signals on large stages. Two of the four outputs have been doubled up to support multi-amp connection, and no matter how you set it up, the isolated transformer of each output keeps the signal free of any hum and buzz, and the fitted reserve polarity switch can be hit to bring the connected amps in phase. Another handy stage-worthy detail is the tuner output.

Recording & Reamp Functions

In the first place, the Radial JX44 guarantees flawless signal transfer thanks to a number of features, including the buffered instrument inputs. Inputs A and B have also been furnished with a Drag Control to assure you of a natural response and authentic sound, and if any interference does happen to rear its head, you can hit the aptly named PANIC button and automatically bind input A to output 1. To support electro-acoustic instruments as well as clean-channel recordings, a DI box has been integrated so this unit can be hooked up directly to the PA or recording desk, and another sweet treat is the option to then take a clean recording and re-loop it through the built-in Radial X-Amp and simultaneously reamp it through multiple amplifiers and pedals.



Product features

19-inch rack size 1U
Number of inputs/outputs 2 x 6
Energy source AC
Ground lift function no
Analogue audio input type unbalanced line in (TS jack), balanced line in (XLR)
Analogue audio output type unbalanced line out (TS jack), balanced line out (XLR)
Volume control per channel no
Power adapter ungrounded flat Europlug
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)4.8 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)57.5 x 26.5 x 10.5 cm
Product specifications
guitar signal manager
instrument inputs: 4x 6.3mm TS jack on rear panel
2x 6.3mm TS jack on front panel
inputs A & B with Drag control
inputs C & D with trim control
input impedance:
inputs A & B: variable with Drag of 10k – 1 megaOhm
inputs C & D: 1 megaOhm
amplifier outputs: 6x 6.3mm TS jack
tuner output: 6.3mm TS jack
local effects loop
remote effects loop: 2x Jensen transformer for SGI and X-Amp input
DI box output
frequency range: 20Hz to 20kHz
power: 15 VDC 1A centre positive (x2 included)
dimensions: 58.42 x 27.94 x 15.24cm
19-inch rack, 1U

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