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Fender 64 Custom Princeton Reverb Tube Combo Amplifier

Original price was: €2,200.Current price is: €1,690.

Fender 65 Super Reverb 4×10 tube guitar amplifier combo

Original price was: €2,500.Current price is: €1,890.
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Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb 22W 1x 12 tube guitar amplifier combo

Original price was: €1,600.Current price is: €895.

The ’65 Deluxe Reverb is one of Fender’s most iconic guitar amplifiers. This 22-watt combo from the Vintage Reissue series is (as the name implies) a reissue of the classic tube guitar amplifier from 1965, with the authentic Blackface-style looks and that distinctive clear and dynamic Fender tube sound. This amplifier is equipped with a powerful 12-inch Jensen speaker and built-in analogue Reverb and Vibrato effects that help it stand its ground in a recording studio as well as the average-sized stages. (Re)live that classic sixties guitar sound with the Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb.

Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb: two channels and analogue effects
This Fender combo has two channels with two intrument inputs each. The Normal channel is pretty straightforward with a volume, bass and treble control yet provides warm and sultry sounds that are ideal for, for instance, jazz music. To this sound, the Vibrato channel adds a tube-generated Reverb and analogue Vibrato. Reverb allows you to create those characteristic spacious ’60s surf rock sounds. On this channel, you’ll find speed and intensity controls for the Vibrato effect. Both effects can be remotely switched on or off with the included two-knob foot switch.

Tube magic
At the heart of the ’65 Deluxe Reverb there are four 12AX7 and two 12AT7 tubes in the preamp, plus a couple 6V6 tubes in the amplifier giving it its characteristic sparkling cleans and warm overdrives that are loved by many guitarists playing anything from country to blues and rock. Every nuance in your playing style is accurately picked up, thanks to the dynamic properties of the tubes, allowing you to clear up the distortion by just twisting the volume on your guitar or take a clean sound to the edge by striking harder.



Product features
Connectors External speaker(s), Foots witch
Number of channels 2
Number of speakers 1
Amp modelling no
Effects loop no
Weight 15 – 19.9 kg
Built-in tuner no
Built-in effects reveb (analogue), tremolo (analogue)
Colour black
Speaker diameter 12 inches
Power attenuator no
Type of power amp tube 6V6
Amplifier type tube
Power in Watts 21 – 30 Watts
Can be powered by battery no
Power adapter Europlug, Schucko or CEE 7/7 plug
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)22.2 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)67.0 x 51.5 x 29.0 cm
Product specifications
1x 12 tube guitar amplifier combo
reissue of the 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb
Blackface-style front panel
series: Vintage Reissue
colour: black
channels: 2, Normal and Vibrato
tube-controlled reverb and vibrato effects
includes foot switch for turning effects on and off
power: 22 watts at 8 ohm
speaker: 12-inch Jensen C-12K, 8 ohm with ceramic magnet
preamp tubes: 4x 12AX7, 2x 12AT7
amp tubes: 2x 6V6
rectifier: 5AR4 rectifier tube
4 inputs, high and low input per channel
Normal channel controls: volume, treble, bass
Vibrato channel controls: volume, treble, bass, reverb, speed, intensity
power and standby buttons on the back
8-ohm external speaker connection
foot switch connection for the included 2-knob foot switch
housing: Baltic birch plywood with black tolex covering
rubber handle on top
dimensions: 622 x 241 x 445 mm (W x D x H)
weight: 19.05 kg

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