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Korg SV2S 88 Stage Piano

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Studiologic Numa X Piano GT Stage Piano

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Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano

Original price was: €2,100.Current price is: €1,450.

The Roland RD-2000 stage piano is a durable instrument that was built for the stage. It’s chock-full of sounds that range from vintage pianos to virtual tone wheel organs, pads and horns. It boasts 88 weighted hammer keys that keyboardists and pianists are sure to appreciate. When it comes to sound, Roland has been even more generous than usual and have gifted the RD-2000 with V-Piano and a SuperNATURAL engine! With this piano, you’ll get the physical modelling piano from Roland themselves as well as an all-out PCM engine. It offers electric pianos for smooth, sultry ballads, a clavichord for that unmistakable Stevie Wonder feel and when it’s time for a little prog-rock, kick in the virtual tone wheel organ. This piano houses all the stage sounds you could ever need and a lot more!

Features of the Roland RD-2000
The V-Piano is physical modelling, which means it produces sounds by means of a formula rather than with samples. This means that audible transition between keys and volumes are officially wiped out. What you get instead is the sound of vibrating virtual piano strings located somewhere in this foward-thinking piano! The SuperNATURAL engine consists of piano sounds from the past half century and include Roland’s own MKS-20 module, the RD-1000. Furthermore, the RD-2000 has a tried and true collection of quality effects like a virtual version of the BOSS CE-1 Chorus and the Roland SDD-320 Dimension D.

Modern Character
The spaceship-style control panel has backlit sliders, encoders, and buttons and since you can determine eight MIDI zones, the RD-2000 would even make a great master keyboard for use in the studio. It features an audio recorder/player with CD quality encoding, so you can save your work on a USB stick. The RD-2000 functions as a MIDI/audio interface for seamless integration with your favourite DAW software. With a signal quality of 24 bits and 192 kHz, the RD is the epitome of modern technology. Last but not least, it features jack outputs as well as XLR outputs.



Product features
Number of keys 88
Drawbar function yes
Weight 20 – 24.9 kg
Includes chassis no
Includes pedals yes, 1
Built-in amplifier not applicable
Colour housing black
MIDI I/Oin, out, USB in / out
Pitch and modulation wheel yes
Polyphony (max.)200
Sequencer / recorder yes
Type of display LCD, monochrome
Keyboard type hammer action
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)28.2 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)153.0 x 50.5 x 26.0 cm
Product specifications
Roland RD-2000
stage piano
88 keys
model: PHA-50
sound generators
SuperNATURAL piano, epiano, clav
Virtual Tone Wheel Organ
PCM Sound Generator
V-Piano: full
SuperNATURAL: 128
parts: 16
sounds: 1100
programs: 300
scenes: 100
modulation: 62 types
tremolo/amp simulator: 4 systems, 6 types
reverb: 6 types
delay: 5 types
Sympathetic Resonance (SuperNATURAL piano)
3-band compressor
5-band equalizer
audio recorder: WAV, 44.1kHz/16-bit
external storage: USB stick (USB 2.0)
rhythmic patterns: 200
sliders: 9 (backlit)
buttons: 8 (backlit)
pitchbend/modulation joystick
modulation wheels: 2
display: 256 x 80 pixels LCD
main out L,R (jack, unbalanced)
XLR out L,R
sub out jack
input: mini jack
pedals: damper, FC1, FC2, EXT (jack)
MIDI In, Out1, Thru/Out2 (DIN)
USB computer: USB B
headphone output: jack
AC connection adapter
audio USB recorder: 24 bit, 44.1/48/88.2/96/192 kHz
power cable
damper pedal
recommended accessories (not included)
keyboard stand KS-G8B
pedals RPU-3, DP-10, DP-2, EV-5
USB stick
expandable with two wave expansions
dimensions: 1412 x 367 x 140 mm
weight: 21.7 kg

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