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Crumar Seven Set (Crumar Seven + Trolley Bag)

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Dexibell Vivo S3 Pro

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Crumar Seven Stage Piano

Original price was: €1,900.Current price is: €1,350.

Vintage style and modernity meet in the retro shape of the 73-note Crumar Seven. Technically, this is a digital stage piano, but it has the rich soul of a fully-analogue, electro-acoustic piano. Loaded with the newest-generation specs, the sound of the Seven is based on real-time synthesis models. So it doesn’t just dumbly play back pre-recorded samples but generates lush and legendary piano sounds in real-time via no less than nine synthesis engines. The Seven even offers the ‘physical model’ of a grand piano, so you can play a rich acoustic piano from the full comfort of Crumar-style design complete with fitted retro legs and a sustain pedal.

The Crumar Seven
The Italian-based Crumar are already renowned for the precise detailing of their stage pianos, and just like classic electric pianos from the ’70s, the Crumar Seven comes built into a solid wooden flight case for a practical and vintage finish. Simply remove the lid to set up and seal it up again to load out. The control panel has a just as gracefully simple layout where you’re guided by lit control knobs that pretty much speak for themselves, and the sound can be put through several different stereo effects including tremolo, auto-pan, chorus, phaser, flanger and delay, before being treated and tweaked using the provided 3-band EQ section. To get a really good idea of what this instrument is capable of, it’s worth watching the clips included under the Videos tab of this page.



Product features
Number of keys 73
Drawbar function no
Weight not specified
Includes chassis yes
Includes pedals yes, 1
Built-in amplifier not applicable
Colour housing black
MIDI I/Oout, USB in / out
Pitch and modulation wheel no
Polyphony (max.)not specified
Sequencer / recorder no
Type of display none
Keyboard type hammer action
Weight and dimensions including packaging
Weight (incl. packaging)27.0 kg
Dimensions (incl. packaging)120.0 x 54.0 x 27.0 cm
Product specifications
digital stage piano
73 keys
keyboard type: hammer action
built-in flight case
metal legs and pedal included
internal PSU
backlit RGB encoders
internal Wi-Fi hotspot
32 presets (8 factory, 24 user)
weight including case and legs: 23.5kg
weight excluding case and legs: 15kg
dimensions (including case): 1106 x 447 x 190mm
dimensions (excluding case): 1106 x 447 x 162mm
effect slot 1: tremolo, auto-panner, LFO wah, pedal wah
effect slot 2: chorus, phaser, flanger, delay (stereo)
AMP simulator with overdrive and EQ
3-band semi-parametric EQ
background synth PAD effect
synthesis engines:
tine electric piano
reed electric piano
electric baby grand
clavi E.P.
DX digital E.P.
MKS digital E.P.
acoustic grand piano
sample playback

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